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One of the first business professional charts I did as a practicing Astrologer was for a CEO who had left a large publishing company to start his own printing company. I did the chart of his business and continued to do so for many years. He was very successful in his endeavor. In fact, he is the client in my Horse Story. (The HorseScope.)

Businesses, like people, have horoscope charts. So do countries, cities, even events and happenings. I specialize in small businesses and individual owner’s charts. There is a definite correspondence between the planetary positions at the start, signing of corporate papers or actual opening of the business that has a strong correspondence to its development, growth changes and, bottom line, its success. It encompasses all phases of it – financial status potential, the current economic conditions, supply and demand, employees, products, marketing, etc.

Each individual chart is entirely different. And what a challenge it presents the Astrologer.

It is so fulfilling for me to do a chart for a start-up business or an existing one and see it prosper. While it is sad for me to see some not quite succeed, when they later pick themselves up and go in a new direction or re-invent themselves, that’s my reward. My clients consist of many different types of businesses and professions – a kaleidoscope of unique businesses and people whose lives have entered mine, and mine theirs.

For fees and further information, e-mail me at weissastro@aol.com or write to: Weiss Kelly, PMAFA, P.O. Box 13913, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.

For more information, Contact Weiss Kelly at weissastro@aol.com or call 480-600-7424 or write
Weiss Kelly, PMAFA P.O. Box 13913, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.