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Brief Delineation of Dolly’s HorseScope

Birth Date: February 16, 2000, New River, AZ

Dolly was born with the Sun in Aquarius, indicating something unusual about her. Being an Arabian horse is considered one of the more unusual horse breeds, with their linage going back thousands of years ago. Dolly is a Preservation horse. Dolly takes on the characteristic of being extremely friendly with an individual-like personality. A lot of things influence Dolly’s horse story: when she was born, where she was born, who raised her and how she was raised. Of course, this is all in addition to her breeding and pedigree that determines her development and growth.

Her moon is in the sign of Cancer, making her sensitive, protective and family-oriented. She is a perfect match for a family and breeding. She would be rather shy to show. When upset, it is her appetite or stomach that would be affected. Her chart indicated that something quite unusual would occur. In this case, she was sold to a family that lived in France. And as I understand, she lives on the grounds of a castle…now that is different!

Mars in Cancer tells me about energy which is strong and she can react if emotionally challenged, but her anger does not last long. Saturn and Jupiter tell me she likes all the comfortable surroundings and likes to eat – watch her intake of sugars. Jupiter in Taurus tells me she was costly, but worth every penny spent by the present owner. By the way, it would be drastic if she were ever sold. Her family is where her heart is, and if they happen to go away for a while, she could brood.

She loves children and it is important that she communicate daily with the family. I suggest you provide some type of music in her stall or barn – it would be therapeutic. The moon tells me a lot about emotional needs. Dolly would prefer being around the family, rather than the Show Ring.




Horses, like people, have horoscope charts, so do countries, cities, corporations, businesses and even events. The horoscope is a picture of the heavens – a moment in time, showing the exact positions of the planets in our solar system, on the day, time and location of their birth. This sets up a magnetic energy pattern, an astrological and psychological birth pattern. We all have our own unique birth chart and there are no two that are ever alike. Just as we all have our own individual DNA.

To put it simply, the horoscope is a kind of Cosmic DNA, in addition to the horse’s innate DNA. It can be a practical tool, showing the characteristics, temperament and personality traits; the growth and development of the horse; some good days, some bad days (high and low energy). Fertility cycles, conceptual charts, comparable charts – for the owner, breeder or trainer, it can be extremely valuable.

One of my first professional charts, done many moons ago, was for a client who owned a large printing company. I would do his business chart every year. One year, he asked me if I could do a chart of a horse for his new girlfriend. She owned a Jumping horse that competed at a national level. I did the chart of the Jumper, explained certain personality traits, temperament, good days, bad days and other insights into him. I did suggest the owner ask the vet or trainer to check out his left leg, as he was entering a big competition. She took my advice and had her vet look, only to discover a hairline fracture. She kept him out of the competition. The romance did not last, but the horse did. He later won a Champion Title.

After that, I started to do more charts for owners. One was a stock broker who did very well in the ‘80s. Enough to pursue her first love, breeding and showing Paso Finas horses. I was the Astrologer who worked with her breeding program.

I met Arabian Preservation breeder Elizabeth Dawsari (who is well known in Arizona for her beautiful Arabians) a number of years ago and did a number of charts for her breeding program and various reasons, including the newborn foals’ charts.

This is what got me interested in my Arabian Horse-Scopes. I have been doing charts for horse lovers, breeders, trainers, etc. ever since. I am slowly building a clientele of owners, trainers and breeders, mostly be referrals.

For a more in-depth delineation or breeding calendar or growth /development Forecast tape, e-mail me at weissastro@aol.com or write to: Weiss Kelly, PMAFA, P.O. Box 13913, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.


For more information, Contact Weiss Kelly at weissastro@aol.com or call 480-600-7424 or write
Weiss Kelly, PMAFA P.O. Box 13913, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.