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Marina Carradine Anderson an actor, writer, designer, and LuLu, the Collie


The PuppyScope

These charts are done usually for the" Pampered Puppy" or more often for the" Pampered Owner. " Other times they are requested by Breeders, Handlers, and those Dog Lovers who have a new puppy and want to know more about their inherited traits and temperament. The same principal of astrology that you can apply to a persons chart is similar to the puppy or a grown dog's chart The relationship between a person and a dog, can be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

Dogs have horoscopes like humans do, indicating certain tendencies, likes, emotional and behavior patterns. Getting an accurate date or time of birth is known if the puppy is register. My charts are often done for decorative reasons, or for the owner who has everything for their pet, except a puppy-scope. Others for Breeders, and handlers.

The photo you see above is two of my clients, Marina Carradine Anderson an actor, writer, designer, and LuLu, the Collie, sister of the present Lassie, there were nine litters through the years all from the original Lassie

LuLu had her own Astrologer (me). Articles were written in many dog publications about it. I believe you can still view LuLu's web page, www.luluthecollie.com. I told the owner she would do great in show business and she did for years, appearing in television one of the shows was desperate Housewives, LuLu became the Ralph Lauren collie that appeared in his many National Fashion Magazine ads' Lulu was a Sagittarious, who when kenneled needed a large space. was extremely intelligent, traveled well. not in cage, but had a seat on the planes.when going to an assignment with her owner, Marina. Unfortunately LuLu went to dog heaven this year, after a series consultations over a year with various vets,because of an accident hit by a car, I suggested to her owner that it would be wiser to avoid surgery and put her at rest, no more pain . She would recognize my voice on the phone and hold a barking conversation. Marina says she will not have another dog, I personally don't believe her. I said the same thing when my Springer Spaniel "Tuesday" died. You guessed it, I now have "Monday" my black and white Shih Tzu. who's sweet but so sassy.


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